Root Healing


ROOT HEALING is a new way of doing a 4-stage release which solves very deep, longstanding problems, emotional problems, mental problems, and often also body-problems within one single session. This modality is many times faster and more effective than anything used before because it follows the ‘logical way’ and applies the ‘logical healing method’ down to the root of any problem.

ROOT HEALING is a program developed by Marc Beat Reudi and based on modern science (The Triune Brain Theory). It incorporates insights from several well-known healing modalities, including the Sedona Method, TIER for PTSD, RPT, ACE and PEAT. There is no hypnosis involved. It contains the basic structure of how ‘Life’ works; the interaction between thinking, feeling and body reactions, enabling us to undo all the knots.

ROOT HEALING is a relatively simple process that can significantly improve (usually resolve) almost any problem, ie: sadness, mourning, no energy, indecision, breaks in relationships, a big loss, worries, anxiety, loneliness, loss of confidence or self -esteem, fears, abuse, guilt, addictions, procrastination, rejection, missing validation, inability to say ‘no’, no motivation, no discipline, instability, reoccurring money problems, no goal, any other stop in achieving your goal or wondering who you really are.

PLEASE NOTE: prior to the session, it is important that you have:

  • No alcohol before the session
  • No hangover from the night before
  • Not used medical psycho drugs (no anti-depressents for 5 days/no street drugs, marijuana, for 3 weeks/no pain killers for 2 days)
  • Not scheduled anything important right after the session so that you can focus on the session
  • Phone shut off

Body-Thought-Memory Integration:
This modality uses chakra balancing as a way to understand how to change the body’s consciousness for improved well-being and to gain more control (management) over one’s life. It is a way to learn how to “better partner with the body and how to listen and support its needs”. BTMI is based on a unique program designed by Vicki Hunter, PhD, CH.